December 2005
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In Review 2005

In a way it’s really important for me right now at this particular time in my life to seriously take a step back, reflect and look at what’s gone before. It’s posts like this that actually make my blog an extremely important part of my life. The sheer amount of information and experience one goes […]

Best of the ‘net 2005 - Part 2

Because it was too big for one post, here’s the continuation of my best of the net round-up.

Love it or hate it this little application has definitely caused a bit of noise on the internet. Some say it was all hype and no substance. Some say that there’s no need for it. Some say the […]

Red Out Racer

I’ve been completely obssessed with Red Out Racer from Kiloo. This is a game for my k750i and I’ve got to say it’s one of the most amazing and addictive games found on a mobile phone EVER. It’s effectively a mini version of WipeOut, complete with all the options you’ve come to expect from that […]

Best of the ‘net 2005 - Part 1

I’ve got my year in review post (which I’m still writing) however I can concentrate on the best of the ‘net 2005. It’s been a busy little year for cyber-space with a lot of crazy ideas. Seeing what sticks has been the name of the game. I’ve split it into a couple of posts because […]

Bad Architecture

I’ve been quiet for a couple of days as I’ve tried a bit of a net detox effectively. Also all my feeds are sitting on my computer at home as I’ve still not subscribed to an internet feed aggregator. The way in which it works for me just isn’t there yet. I have an idea […]

Live from Athens

I’m typing this from Athens from my bro’s computer (the biggest brick you’ve ever seen), bastard doesn’t even have Firefox, so I’ve got to sort this rubbish out for him…meanwhile I’ve got some serious R&R to catch up on. I’ll be writing a whole slew of reviews for Splash Panel as I’ve got 50% of […]

The need for Flock

When I first heard about Flock I asked the obvious question of what was going to make it better or bigger compared to Firefox. There were a couple of features that made me smile, however the one tool that I was seriously very […]

A Broken Kode Original | Autumnal

Introducing the first in a series of Broken Kode Originals (I’ve got another 5 to go). What’s a Broken Kode Original? It’s an original website design by me. The first one has gone to Mark Wade of RWebsDesigns.

It all came about a while back when he got some lip over the design of his […]

Enter the Foo Fighters

See that’s how a fucking ROCK concert should be like. It’s 10 years too late, but at the very least I can say that I have now finally seen the Foo Fighters live. I owe it all to Yasmine and Matt who couldn’t make it as they had a wedding to go to instead, so […]


Time for reflection on the year that’s passed us by. This isn’t my end of the year analysis, (that’s still being typed out). It’s been pretty tough at work and that has propagated into my overall anxiety in general. Not really as calm and collected as I’d like to be. I simply flip very quickly […]

Banksy | Wall & Piece

If you’re looking for the ultimate in modern art, I direct you no further than one of my favourite artists out there, in any medium. His name is Banksy and he’s a graffiti artist. However he’s a little more than just a graffiti artist. The man is also a genius of his form. Reading Computer […]

Wired News: The Firefox Hacks You Must Have

Firefox Hacks You Must Have. I’m always on the look out for new and interesting firefox add-ons. The newest one for me (which I’m sure has been around for a while) is DownThemAll.

Where are the Broken Kode Tees?

As I announced this a while back I think it’s important to finish what I started. When I first started writing this post it was actually to say that I wasn’t going to go through with the whole t-shirt thing and that I wasn’t going to be able to produce the designs that I wanted […]

London Meetup Continues

Well this is the first London WordPress meetup that I know of and to be honest even if it wasn’t, it’s the first one that’s actually counts :). Started off by me getting to Starbucks and finding Mumbles on his own (with his friend he got to tag along just in case we were all […]

Character Shots

…meanwhile if you’re interested in what Lois Lane will look like look no further than Just Jared. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor is easily the best thing they could have possibly done. Inspired casting if you ask me.

In keeping with the X-men theme of late, from Joblo (thanks to The Beat), we’ve got some pictures […]

X3 Trailer

Go have a look at it. Yeah I know something you would expect this sort of thing over at Splash Panel but like I said the content there is SOO specific that it just doesn’t fit in there. So checking out this trailer all I can say is that I like the fact that all […]

Inksmith on MT

Just wanted to announce that Inksmith is now in partnership with Media Temple. Big shout out to both Jason and Chris, for all the work they’ve put into sorting the server and assorted goodies we’re going to need for the future of Inksmith. It’s a great thing for the community to have these guys behind […]

Bad Service

I just realised today how much BAD service in a restaurant can completely fuck up your experience. Even if the meal is as you would expect, bad service will make you reconsider going to the same place again. I’m not talking about the bard ‘rude’ service but more about the completely incompetent service.

Waiting tables […]

Naoto Hattori

I spent yesterday chilling out with Naoto and his family (that Scottish bastard Gordon tagged along as well). While we’re there we decided to do a few google searches (as you do) came up with this fantastic artist’s work, Naoto Hattori

Sky Blue

Empire describes it as “Akira for the 21st Century” but watching this movie reminded me more of the mid 90s when I first watched Ghost in the Shell. Sky Blue apparently took 7 years to create. To say it’s spectacular sounds to me like to do a diservice to the amount of painstaking detail that […]